Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The lesson of the fourth pillar.

There are few things in life as hard as admitting that you got it wrong.
Especially if it went wrong 'royally'.

A couple of weeks ago something went horribly wrong with the torch lighting at the Winter Olympics opening ceremony. It was a huge embarassment for Canada. The world talked, joked and I am sure they judged. This was not what the Canadian Olympic Commitee had planned and it was the last thing they wanted. Failure at this level is very painful and of course very public.

How would I respond to such a public failure? How do I respond to failure, period?

In the closing ceremony Canada showed a depth of character that was impressive. They played out the lighting of the fourth pillar and had a little fun at their own expense.
This time they had success with the lighting but much more importantly in my eyes they showed that they knew they had failed and were prepared to admit it and move on.

I want to be someone who is quick to admit when I have failed or done wrong andstrive to put it right.

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