Friday, September 16, 2011

2 Million People

Just recently the two millionth person visited our ship, Logos Hope.
That is a lot of people. People from war torn Liberia, secular Europe, North Africa and the Middle East and the vast country of India have come on board where they have met Christ followers and have had the opportunity to hear their story of Hope.
2 million!

Some folks have commented on how expensive it must be to run a ship and ask the question, 'Is it worth it?'.
In response I tell them of the impact that I know of -
- Close to a million people hear of Jesus every year.
- I know of churches that have been planted as a result of teams visiting villages and the then local missionaries carry on the work.
- A whole nation being reconciled with its neighbor and peace was restored after many years of fighting.
- 30 prisoners in a high security prison coming to faith as a result of a group of deck guys going and spending a full day with them and sharing Jesus with them.
- Drug addicts coming to faith.
- In one of the hardest places to see fruit 80 people came forward to accept Christ at just one event.
- 350 Buddhist monks came on board to hear a presentation from the Gospels and all received a New Testament.
- In an island in the Pacific 300 people came forward to accept Christ at an International Night.
- Young crew members lives being radically changed as they see God work in them and through them.
- Thousands of people every year from nations that have little access to the gospel come on board and see it, hear it and interact with those who are living it out.

Is it worth it?
There are many more stories if you need them.

I know of many churches that have spent more on their buildings than Logos Hope cost and few if any will impact close to a million people every year of their existence. God is using this unique ministry in a unique way. All glory to Him.
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