Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lessons Learned from the Sports World - The Locker Room Pt 2

Here is a fun video to watch which proves that with the right motivating factors our behavior changes.

"Just Ask."

That was Brian's challenge last Tuesday?

3 enthusiasts and 7 'reluctants' came forward to take the $5 card and the connected challenge of inviting one person to coffee and to 'just ask' them to join their support team.

A lot of exciting things have happened since then. None of which I will divulge now. Alright I will tell you a little....because it has to do with the locker room.

Brian started an email group made up of the 10 people. Soon emails were sent telling the stories of successes, appointments made, fears etc. As one of the 'reluctants' I was 'infected' by the enthusiasm of those who wrote. I was spurred into action and set up my appointment.
The excitement of others helped me to get excited. the success of others gave me hope. The actions of others encouraged me to act also. The obedience of others helped stir me out of my procrastination. I am only guessing but I am sure others needed it also.

This is the Locker Room principle playing out.

The interaction. The coming together and sharing our stories provided the right environment for excitement and enthusiasm for the task, even this difficult task, to spread and infect the group.

Another example of the Locker Room was this Thursday Prayer morning. It was a typical line up of songs, people sharing and time for prayer. As I sat through it my excitement began to rise and my passion for the work God has called me to grew.

From the time in the circle praising God together. Great idea Michael.
Roy sharing Wycliffe's vision of having the Bible in the heart language of every people by 2025.
Richard telling his prison story about the men coming to sit on the chair to share what they are stuck in and then receiving prayer.
Seeing the faces on the screen of another group of new recruits coming to the Outbound.
Hearing of Nancy Izzard mobilizing medical staff even when she is under sedation - go Nancy! May we all be infected with that level of enthusiasm to see people live out the gospel.
Seeing Norm up there as the new STM Director with his vision and drive.

My heart was beating hard and I was ready to go out there and play hard that day because in the Locker Room of Prayer morning other team members infected me with their enthusiasm. It fanned my flame.

My prayer is that we as a team will enjoy the benefits of the Locker Room on a regular basis.

Let us prioritize those times and be there.
I believe it will help change how you serve.

Next blog I will get back to point 2 that I promised from the last blog.

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