Monday, February 15, 2010

Lessons Learned from the Sports World - The Locker Room

We are still in the Locker Room.

This is the second point from Part 1 - last week I shared a couple of practical Locker Room experiences from the week.

The first point was - we encourage each other in the Locker Room.

The second application is in regards to the coach's role. In the midst of all the excitement and 'infecting' that goes on the coach would come in and give his last remarks before we would go out on the field. His words were normally geared towards narrowing the focus even more and raising our excitement further. Just in case any one of us had ideas of glory for ourselves or individual plans to take on the entire opposition the coach would remind us that we were a team and had a team plan and how together we could beat anyone. He would go over that plan one more time - although we had heard it before we needed it again. It was game time now and somehow the words had more application with the reality of the challenge that awaited us on the field. His words were absolutely necessary as they brought us into the reality of the moment and focused us on the immediacy of the task ahead. No one would have dared miss this time - both from the perspective that the coach would have left us on the bench and also we each knew we needed this encouragement to get us into the frame of mind that allowed us to play at our best. These moments were 'sacred' as we huddled together as a team, alone in the locker room.

We would leave the Locker Room with an air of confidence and a sense of purpose that we did not have when we came in. It was game time. This is where it mattered. But our effectiveness on the field was directly impacted by those minutes in the locker Room.

Our Locker Room experiences are vital - for those that lead (Coaches) these times make sure you pray much and plan well - the time is precious and critical. For the rest of the team as I have said often over the last weeks, do not miss these times, they are precious and critical to our success as a team.

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