Monday, September 13, 2010


I spent this last weekend in Washington, DC attending some meetings.
What a beautiful city - at least the parts I saw.
As i walked the streets I was reminded of how much I love cities especially ones with historical buildings and beautiful architecture - DC has this in bucketfuls. Now I know it is not like a Rome with buildings as old as dirt itself but boy did the Americans build a lot of amazing monuments and buildings in a short period of history. It speaks highly of this nation and marks well many of the moments and heroes of it's history that are well worth honoring.

History is important. Marking the important milestones and characters is very important. Honoring these and learning from them is vital for a nation or any group of people if they are to continue to build on their rich heritage. Of course today our new buildings look different and the modes of transport that file past them daily are very different from when these historical buildings were first erected but such is life. Progress must be built in the midst of our history. Progress means that things will look differently. Some of the old buildings have and will be removed in DC because they are obsolete. Others will remain for a long time to come because they have value even in the present.

In life and in ministry the challenge is to understand and discern the difference.
What of our history in OM is important and valuable to build on (and there is much) and what is obsolete and needs to be removed?

May we have the wisdom to know the difference.

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