Thursday, September 16, 2010

A little fuel

There have been many things that have encouraged me in this last week. I wanted to share them with you and maybe they will encourage you also and fuel your fire as it has mine.
- The large crowd of people (our team) in the worship center on Thursday morning.
- The combined thoughts and input from our team as we studied John 6 - my brain was hurting (so many added great thoughts to chew on) but my heart was full at the end.
- The tribal stories at lunch on Thursday - also the willing and enthusiastic participation of the Tribal Elders.
- watching people have fun on Thursday afternoon - seeing Sheila give out money to ensure the dunking of every poor soul in the dunk tank; watching Tom take great delight in facilitating the demise of those unfortunates; the transformation of character and dress of all involved in 'Family Feuds';
- a full dining room and worship center for Team Connect.
- all the hands on deck to help with the work day - all the work that got accomplished as a result.
- seeing the Muslim Peoples leaders in working with our team to find a better way to tell their story.
- spending an hour with a young man who wants to join our team.
- hearing the stories about Pakistan from Ray in Prayer Time.
- seeing all the Carver students file in to Prayer Time and then spend the morning with us.
- reflecting on how Edgar has faithfully nurtured that relationship over years to keep it growing.
- being introduced to some people who are willing and very able to help us be more effective in telling our story.
- a drop in meeting with one of our team today where they shared their passion and excitement for their role in this team and their heart to know the Father.

There is more.
I am thankful for these things as they help me see the threads of God's grace in my life and the life of our team.
Take some time to reflect on your encouragements - it will help fuel you along.

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