Friday, October 22, 2010

Which of the three r u?

It has been said there are three types of people.
Those who make things happen,
Those who watch things happen,
and those who say 'what just happened?'

There is a lot of truth in this and unfortunately the truth is that many of us fall into the trap of living life as the latter of the three - lacking in awareness, engagement and intentionality.
This week in Team Development Time at our office we had training on Body Language. It was excellent. It reminded me again that I so often can take my communication too casually and let it 'just happen' rather than being intentional. Intentional not only with my content but with my tone of voice and body language.
It is a lot of work.
It takes effort and discipline.
It takes intentionality.
The results however will be greater effectiveness in communication thus helping to ensure that the person understands what I am saying. Just letting it happen means that anything can happen and this can be very negative. Being intentional will lead to having a greater chance of seeing the outcomes that we desire and us making things happen rather than simply watching or even being surprised at what just happened.

Let us be among those who make things happen and let's impact the world for God's Glory.

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