Thursday, September 30, 2010

Evangelizing the World

Last Tuesday we looked at our core value, 'Evangelizing the World'. This huge task that has been given to us by Jesus. The bottom line is that as we serve here in the US this is at the core of why we do what we do. We want to ensure that the message of the gospel is lived out and spoken out around the world until every people group has an opportunity to hear and understand it. All what we do here is in order to help the message of Christ go out to the nations.

The challenge for us in a 'home office' environment is to keep that at our core. To not lose sight of it in the midst of our daily tasks. One thing that will help us keep it central is being personally involved with people who do not know Christ. I shared with those present how I have struggled to know how we can best do it. Should we all take a day off a month to go to the Avenue and talk with people about Jesus? Should we require everyone go down and work among the homeless in Atlanta once a month?
I think we would all agree we have been made differently. Therefore how we would go about evangelizing should look differently.
Peter Maiden's example is very helpful to me. He took his love for and gifting in small group discussions and ran a weekly Bible Study in his home for non Christians. He has seen many come to Christ in his living room. The two things that struck me were - he identified what evangelism looked like in the context of how God made him and he was intentional about making it happen.

For me I realized that I needed to be in touch with the non Christian world more as my job kept me around Christians. So I took my passion for sports and animals and started playing soccer in a team of mostly non Christians and started showing dogs among predominantly non Christians. This gives me great opportunities to live my faith out in front of others and also speak it out. Without a doubt it still remains a challenge to speak up and share about Jesus but putting ourselves in the places where we have that opportunity is a start - we must keep building on it.

What does evangelism look like in your life currently? If it is non existent what could it look like based on your passions and gifting? How can you make it happen in the next 2 weeks?

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  1. Keep writing articles like this and I may just quit my job and come and join missions.