Monday, March 7, 2011

A real soaking.

Have you ever played 'chicken' with the waves on a beach? When the water recedes you go out as far as you can and then try to beat the next wave in before it gets you. You think you can read each wave and you succeed.....most of the time. There is always at least one wave that looks the same as the rest but then it breaks bringing with it a wall of water you just did not expect. Everyone screams and looks rather shocked, wondering what just happened.

Sunday was like that for us as a family. It looked like a normal Sunday. Coming home from church with the usual cries of 'I'm starving, what's for lunch?' Three very different events unfolded that somehow converged to totally 'soak' us and leave us more than a little 'soaked' and impacted.

1) Driving down Briarcrest road we passed a young latino man walking with 2 large suitcases, three other bags on top and ladened with a backpack. He was crying as he struggled with his load on the cold afternoon. After a brief discussion as a family, who had minds set on food, we turned around and caught up with him. Antonio's (not his real name) story broke our hearts. He shared it in broken english with many tears as he held a 3 inch button in his hand. The button had a picture of a small baby on it. His first baby was born 2 days before but now his girlfriend had asked him to leave wanting to go back with a previous boyfriend. He was devastated. Having to leave his baby behind. He stepped out into the cold air walking from Tyrone with his earthly belongings to meet his uncle at the Shell station on the I-85. The deep hurt he was feeling was very evident. We took him to meet up with his Uncle. The lunch table made for interesting conversation.
2) Sharon and Ana then went to their weekly High School group. God broke through and a young man was saved and an amazing prayer time ensued. Rarely had they experienced the presence of God in this way.
3) In the evening we watched Secret Millionaire (my new favorite show since Extreme Home Makeover finished). Dani Johnson, a successful business woman, went undercover to meet with people who were impacting their community for good. The needs were huge. She met different groups. One was lead by two 80 year old African American ladies. Ellen and Helen feed over 2,000 people a week. Dani gave away $100,000 to different groups at the end of the week. She was deeply moved and brought great joy to these charities. God used her to bring hope. (Although not stated in the program there were signs that she was a believer)

By bedtime we were 'soaked' with the emotion of the day. We reflected that millions in the world (including America) were feeling as hopeless as Antonio due to family break up, poverty, lack of food, war, oppression and slavery. That there is nothing more important in life than to bring the gospel of God's grace into these situations. That God can and will break through into these situations and use us if we are willing and obedient.

This weekend we had numerous discussions about a couple of items we were selling on ebay - there was even a prayer that they would sell. Our final 'soaking' was when we realized how easy it is to get distracted by stuff. Stuff that means nothing in light of what God has called us to to bring His transforming gospel to lives and communities.

May I not dry out too quickly.

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  1. A good share.
    It is great when we allow ourselves to be in a place where we can be overwhelmed with God. Makes me wonder how many times I allow "distractions" to take me out of the environements and opportunities He's trying to draw me into.
    THANKS for sharing some of your own life journey Andrew!