Friday, April 29, 2011

A wedding that highlighted a big cultural change.

Well, we got William and Kate married today. A big day for the British. I was amazed to see how much of the world was watching - some stats say more people tuned into the wedding than the Olympics or World Cup final. The American News websites ran twice as many articles than their British counterparts.
One of the things that stuck out for me was the remarkable difference between this wedding and the wedding of William's Father and Mother. First of all William and Kate clearly enjoy each other's company and have great chemistry. But the biggest difference was their attitude to the day and to life. William and Kate wanted their day to be more demure, they seemed much more relaxed and in the moment with their guests, their enthusiastic and somewhat more authentic waves to the crowd from the balcony, the two kisses, the list could go on. Charles has never put his own toothpaste on his brush, William and Kate have insisted that they live without maids and servants allowing Kate to do the cooking. I think that some of this may be personality but a lot of it is generational. Institutionalism is dead and ceremony is holds little weight. There is a longing for authenticity that pushes past titles, pomp and ceremony.

It was a reminder to me that in a short space of time (less than a generation) culture has changed dramatically. A younger generation do things differently....very differently. And the change is increasing rapidly.

How am I changing in order to meet people within this changed culture? How is OM changing? Are we changing fast enough?
Are we changing in the right ways?

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