Friday, May 6, 2011

Does it really work like this.

Does prayer really change something this big? If I pray alone or even with a group of people does it make any difference never mind impact a nation? This week was the National Day of Prayer for America. Many Christians across America cried out to God on behalf of this nation that many believe has wondered far from its foundation and the beliefs that built it as a world power. As it begins to mirror Europe in its decline of, and adherence to, Judeo-Christian morals and the subsequent disintegration of the church do the prayers of repentance by a few on behalf of America really suffice.
I struggled with this during the week as I read about the prayer day.

I was reminded of Abraham who petitioned, even bartered with God on behalf of Sodom and Gomorrah and God entered the dialog and was willing to stop the coming destruction if he found even 10 righteous men. A few years later God told Moses that He was going to totally destroy the Israelite people because they had just formed and erected a golden calf to worship. Moses pleaded with God on behalf of a whole nation and God relented.

So does this mean that God is looking for a remnant of righteous people within a land and is actually ready to hear the prayers of the few in order to save the many from impending decline and disaster?

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