Friday, July 15, 2011

Bearing one another's burdens

This week as I chatted to a number on the team I was reminded again of the tremendous burdens that many are carrying. We have those who have lost loved ones. Some are separated from immediate family for significant periods of time due to work. Others are facing major financial challenges at this time. We just heard of Mark Kuo's diagnosis. I know some are facing huge issues with their children and the choices they have made. Some have deep concerns over their spouse's job security. The list could go on. Each item carries with it some degree of pain and can weigh us down on our journey.

I pray that we can do as Paul told us to do - 'encourage (put courage into) one another' and bear one another's burdens.
These trials in many ways are normal to life so as Christians we need to be constantly on the look out for ways to listen and encourage those around us who inevitably are facing some type of challenge. Take time this week to encourage one another and in so doing help carry the burden.

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