Friday, July 22, 2011


I am someone who can be easily distracted. Sometimes it is a new idea or opportunity that draws me in and I get lost in the dream. Other times it can be a problem that has arisen that forces its way into the forefront of my mind, seeking to grab the majority of my attention. While it is true that I need to dream and think about the future and also be involved in seeking solutions for pressing problems, there is an inherent danger always lurking. A danger that I may get distracted. Instead of keeping my eye on the overall purpose and goal, I start to allow the urgency or pain of the current situation to take over. What happens next is that I get buried under the weight of the issue and it pulls me down further and further each day I allow it that power.

It happened this week. A number of issues were pressing. I chose to allow them to take hold.

Then I came to Prayer Morning. Story after story of what God is doing in places like Turkey, Greece, Bangladesh and Ireland. Seeing the picture of the homes built by our teams in Pakistan after the flood: 100 in one community and 70 in another. Amazing. Lives and communities being transformed. Somehow my eyes and heart were pulled back to the purpose and goal - testifying to the Gospel of God's grace. Once again I could see that the challenges I faced are worth the effort if it helps ministry like this happen. I was reminded that I need to work through the problem and chose to not let it overcome or overwhelm me. Not because I want an easier life or a less stressful life but because I want people to hear of God's grace.

I realize that it is a choice, a daily choice to keep my focus sharp. It takes a conscious decision and God's grace to daily say I chose not to allow this issue to distract me from this calling. When challenges come and things do not work the way I want them to I choose to rise above the problem, seek a solution and even when a solution is not forthcoming, I choose to say that this temporary pain is worth it if the gospel is going out. After all, I am to consider my life worth nothing to me in the context of ensuring that the gospel of God's grace is made known on the earth.

Have you, like me, allowed anything to distract you recently? Are you so focused on an issue or problem that you somehow have lost sight of your calling? Lost sight of why your master made you?

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